Knowledge processes and knowledge management strategies – this video is part 4 of 10 in a series on Knowledge Management at a Regenesys Master of Business Administration level. For more videos like these visit [More]
What is CMS (content Management System) and why should I have one? See an example of Art Division’s CMS or wivis
Business Continuity Management (BCM) & Information Security Management System (ASMS) Forum 2012
Submitted to: Prof. Rose Anne Tanjente Submitted by: Aunzo, Jerlyn Y. Banes, Anna Mae C. Roslinda, Rizia Jamille B. BSIT-IS-3B Quezon City Polytechnic University San Bartolome Campus – Today’s consumers’ expectations are high. You are expected to have a presence on Facebook 24 hours a day to provide service, information, and to simply engage. While you want to build brand loyalty, [More]
כחלק מקורס ‘ניהול ידע’ הכנו סרטון המתאר את הטמעת השימוש בכלי web 2.0 באמצעות הסיפור המוכר “בגדי המלך החדשים”. קבוצה 17 כל הזכויות שמורות ©.
Cours sur le Knowledge Management (Gestion des Connaissances) par Jean-Louis Ermine Niveau Master Module 0 Introduction Module 1 Le patrimoine de connaissances Module 2 Une théorie de la connaissance Module 3 Analyse stratégique du patrimoine [More]
Intergraph’s new Support Knowledge Management Web Portal, based on Oracle’s Knowledge Management application, lets you access the most up-to-date Intergraph support information you need — all in ONE location, with ONE login. Take a moment [More]
Implementing a Complete Knowledge Management Framework in Arab Countries
Nick Milton, of www,, discusses Knowledge Management Strategy blog at
Hardly anyone realizes how important backing up their data is, until they’ve lost something important. So, how do students typically lose their data? – Hard drive failure… – Laptop Stolen (sometimes along with external hard [More]