6 Best Practices for Implementing Knowledge Management for Your Contact Center Agents and Customers

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Would your customers get the same answer if they asked two different contact center agents the same question? Would your agent’s response be the same as the information posted on your website, mobile app, or facebook page?

Chances are that your answer is no. And you aren’t alone. A majority of organizations around the world are in the same boat. And the cost is enormous; excessive agent handle time, decreased customer satisfaction, and unnecessary call volumes are the result of poor knowledge management.

What can you expect from taking on a Knowledge Initiative

– 35% reduction in the time that it takes to train new agents

– 40% reduction in inbound emails due to easy access to information

– 25% agent shift away from low-value calls due to self-service knowledge search

– 40% reduction in talk time in a support center

– 8% reduction in support calls

– 25% or more reduction in customer support costs when a proper KM discipline is in place

The good news is that successful knowledge management shouldn’t be as overwhelming as you may think. Steve McKinney, CPI’s Customer Experience Designer will be hosting a webinar to share his 6 key insights learned from over a decade of experience helping organizations from around the world implement successful knowledge management platforms. We hope you can join us!


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