Nick Milton, of, explains what the standard “people, process, technology” really means in knowledge management terms. Blog at
Network Engineers have to manage a lot of information. Products, technologies, textbooks, study notes and research material as well as new protocols and features. Just simple tasks like keeping product manuals handy for 40 or [More]
ISO 15489 Record Management system XPERT TECHNOLOGIES – Empowering The Paperless Economy XPERT KNOWLEDGE focuses on streamlining the process of connecting those who know with those who need to know. But only employees themselves [More]
Speaking about the repeated inability of knowledge management practitioners to apply lessons from previous attempts, Edward Rogers enumerates the five most common mistakes made by KM practitioners: (1) attempting to implement a KM system in [More]
ITinvolve Social Knowledge Management: Creating a Comprehensive View
This video is made for educational purposes about our basic ideas in the course of Knowledge Management in our university. We give the credits to the owners of used clips, backgrounds and sounds in this [More]
Presentation by Andy Bentley (U. Kansas) to the UC Berkeley BNHM-IST Partnership. April 28, 2009.
The uses of component information system that apply in everyone’s daily life. Its is a very useful system.
the video about knowledge management system. kaskus. made by information systems-ITS collegers, Ayu Nastiti and Maya Previana S.