An Introduction to Knowledge Management

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This video is created for the compliance to the subject Knowledge Management.

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Pascalis Claudius Lotinggi says:

“Knowledge is the only thing that grows when shared” In other
words,knowledge is not diminished or remain static when shared. Yes! Go on,


Congratulations! And if someone want know more about KM tools, I invite you
to visit the Dynamic SME channel..

Jon Wood says:


enzky vinz says:

very nice video…for your great success dont waste your knowlege jarom
james vinoya BSIT-1D

08bryanlee says:

dpt pla lht ng bagay hnd!!!! pra sa isang tao lng!!! dpt pla sa lhat ska
ang knowledge hnd lng pra sa nkka alm lng!! dpt ibahagi rin ng mai alm sa
iba upng sa gyon!!! lht ng tao mlaman cun ahnu ang tlgang ngyyri sa mundo!!
at ang mkabgong pmamaraan!!! . . .BRYAN LEE NABAYRA(BSIT-1K) “O8”

mjmczone says:

very informative.. nice!

shy33100 says:

Knowledge is the broadest: “Science is organized knowledge” knowledge
gained by schooling and study: “Learning … must be sought for with ardor
and attended to with diligence” (Abigail Adams). Knowledge may be described
as representations of facts (including generalizations) and concepts
organized for future use, including problem solving. GILMA AUDITOR BSIT/ 1-I

rhondacome says:

the knowledge that we have right now is important . because we can use this
to the important day and all of the time. so don’t waste your knowledge but
to share it ! for the sake of our next generation. Ronald V. Dacome bse-1i

mary joy vinas says:

I agree with this phrase – Knowledge is the only thing that grows the more
you share it. Even if you share it you don’t lose anything. Good job!

pusanipersetro says:

Galing ! kung cno man ang maalam na gumawa ng video na to…. Mabuhay ka!!!

MsKenlin says:

knowledge is a power!!!!! @evangeline s. cuadra bsit-1s sb campus mr. orias.

heideechan says:

nice video to share with others … There are a lot of things that I’ve
learn from this short but valuable video… because it is 1 of my
subjects.. “It is right to share your knowledge with other people kaysa
maistock lang ng wala man lang nagagawa…” nice video… heidee a. sia of
BSIT-1K.. ♥☺☻♦♣♠♦•◘♠

isaigi says:

Yun pala ang KM…galing! pero medyo bitin ako..sana napakita ng mabuti on
the business process side kung paano siya ginagamit..pero overall 5
stars… excellent work guys! Go IT!

Path Masayahin says:


1dbsit says:

So what to do?Let’s share our knowledge so that it will grow wider and

Daxx Villar Harder says:

very creative…

MsKenlin says:

share your blessings,,, share your knowledge to others…. before its
gone!!! guys watch this!! -via evangeline cuadra bsit1-s

rbsaints says:

The video was right! We should share our knowledge for us to conserve and
not to waste things. 🙂 It is just like this: It’s better to SHARE what
you’ve got rather than to SHOW what you’ve got. 😀 -Santos, RBD. 1L

mjcm1cBSE says:

nice! =) this video contains a lot of interesting things. And as a student
whose taking up the course of bachelor of science in entrepreneurship, this
video will help me in my management and logic subject. I agree that ”
knowledge is the only thing that grows the more you share it”, because for
me… a knowledge becomes useful if we are able to share it to others…

Badjojo Joke says:

nice video love it! ! ! :)) ALBINO SILVANO BSIT-1D

Ning Cabuso says:

The only source of knowledge is experience. Jennylyn Cabuso BSIT-1I

iceangelo143 says:

knowledge are very important to our lives.. because knowledge acquired by a
person through experience or education knowledge is very dangerous if we
can not handle it properly . Use our knowledge in correct way not on making
some disgusting thing,,… ^_^ AGOR,CHRISTIAN ANGELO D BSE 1-i IMBA SAGOT

emopooh014 says:

The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the knowledge
and ability of its people. (knowledge management) -juls -trisha may
villalino BSIT-1I

kezobayangos says:

Knowledge Management is a business philosophy. It is an emerging set of
principles, processes, organizational structures, and technology
applications that help people share and leverage their knowledge to meet
their business objectives. JOMARD FRANCISCO BSIT 1D

raymond biojon says:

Knowledge is information that changes something or somebody JOEL MARTIN B

kyaserin cruz says:

nice!!!like it!!kawaii!!^_^

Joseph Caagbay says:

“knowledge is power” as “Ka Ernie Baron” says … Knowledge should always
be stored, captured and , shared.. nice guys very inspiring video..

MrYowmamen says:

more knowledge .. more power .. LARRY PILONES BSIT 1s

avrillabing says:

awesome!!! Great concept, very informative!

0134456 says:

wew .. galing . .sa mga maalam .. share your knowledge .. hehe wag
ipagyabang na matalino .. be humble .. sa video .. ang galing ng mga gumawa
..hehe for those who made this video .. thumbs up!

jho baj says:

i like all the content of this video.. and besides..pinaka-gusto ko yung
quotation na “Info.becomes knowledge in the hands of someone who knows what
to do with it..” —parang bagay saken..:) —lastly,kapag i-shineyr mo
yung knowledge mo…syempre marami ring tao yung magkakaroon ng
knowledge..kaya don’t be selfish of what you have!! share it!!!! last na
nga talaga…ung sound..bagay talaga sa content..kasi parang ini-imply nito
yung pag-lago talaga ng knowledge.. that’s all… BSIT-1k Bajet.

dranrebPS says:

no comment sarah jane malbas bsit 1s

1dbsit says:

Now I know that we can combined KNOWLEDGE + MANAGEMENT.:) DAYANARA BARAQUIO

kezobayangos says:

“knowlegde” is good teAch to every one… ADONA MA. KATRINA F. BSIT 1D

1dbsit says:

Information helps us to gain knowledge right?cause if we have a lots of
info it becomes knowledge when we know what to do with it.:)just like what
it says in the video. DAYANARA BARAQUIO BSIT-1D

Estarjud says:

The video concept is great and well done. The topic about “Knowledgement
Management” is presented briefly but with broad and precise meaning and
importance to our daily activities.Thanks for sharing this information.
Congrats and keep up the good work!

Jonathan Legarde says:

knowledge is one thing that nobody can steal from the beholder….. JARELLE

Jei Dee says:

nice! knowledge is like a big box, full of treasure. 😉 share it manage it!
(“hindi lahat ng bagay ay nilikha upang malaman lang ng iisang tao”)
–Jenny Rose Perez (BSIT-1K)

labster1982 says:

we can manage our own knowledge!!!

joankristellachica says:

how nice.. this video is great.. yah.. tama..!! the most important is you
shared your “KNOWLEDGE” it’s like vice versa you share your knowledge to
others and they will share their knowledge to you… mas marami ka pang
nalalaman na ibang bagay.. na hind mo alam dati.. dahil shinare nila sayo
yung knowledge nila.. may natutunan ka na,, may natulungan ka pa!!! ^_^

1dbsit says:

Knowledge is the only thing that grows when you share it.What a wonderful
saying..:),,it’s true.:)

joel martin Apuan says:

Knowledge is defined by as expertise, and skills acquired by a person
through experience or education. JOEL MARTIN B APUAN BSIT-1I

enzky vinz says:

proper usage of our knowledge leads us to our goal.. Jarom james vinoya

siraka04 says:


MrJohncarlo says:

Knowledge will just be a useless knowledge if we don’t share it to others.
Ma. Pearl Justine Maglaque BSIT-1I

Abunai Ordonez says:

Abunai A superbly pragmatic guide for addressing the vital issues involved
in implementing a knowledge management strategy. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Luis
R. Ordoñez BSIT-1J Oha! Oha!

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