What is CMS (content Management System) and why should I have one? See an example of Art Division’s CMS or wivis http://www.artdivision.co.uk/web-design/cms
Business Continuity Management (BCM) & Information Security Management System (ASMS) Forum 2012
Implementing a Complete Knowledge Management Framework in Arab Countries
Intergraph’s new Support Knowledge Management Web Portal, based on Oracle’s Knowledge Management application, lets you access the most up-to-date Intergraph support information you need — all in ONE location, with ONE login. Take a moment [More]
Hardly anyone realizes how important backing up their data is, until they’ve lost something important. So, how do students typically lose their data? – Hard drive failure… – Laptop Stolen (sometimes along with external hard [More]
Nick Milton, of www,knoco.com, discusses Knowledge Management Strategy blog at http://www.nickmilton.com
Presentation by Mohan Gopalakrishnan, Associate Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, US (wpcarey.asu.edu), on Knowledge Management in TCM, At the Cost Congress 2009, December 17, 2009, [More]
The website Akinator is a fun example of a simple knowledge based system.
Hear Aravind, from the Class of 2012 MSc Knowledge Management, talks about how the KM programme has elevated his level of thinking through the inclusion of journal papers and case studies in the curriculum; gave [More]
Integration between Maidoc ECM and MS Live Maps. Enterprise 3.0 Knowledge management permits integration of knowledge(OWL-DL ontologies), documents and maps.
http://www.astutesolutions.com/solutions-web-self-service.php -Traditional web self-service solutions place the burden of hunting down information on the customer’s shoulder. Too many of these solutions only present long list of links, FAQs or documents to sift through. This means [More]