Using autopoiesis theory to give knowledge management a theoretical foundation. Watch a trailer of Dr Paul Parboteeah taking an innovative approach to explaining the theory of autopoiesis. In this video, he uses a robot to [More]
משימת סרטון יוטיוב לקורס ניהול ידע של ד”ר גלעד רביד, אוניברסיטת בן גוריון, סמסטר ב, 2013
Utah State University – ITLS 6510
The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has launched a portal to disseminate farm-related information to improve agricultural productivity and farm income for small and marginal ryots. Launched in partnership with the e-Extension Centre of [More]
Video from the iSchool’s Information Night held in November 2011 at the Faculty of Information (iSchool at Toronto), University of Toronto. Individual faculty members outline the various paths/programs students may specialize in the Master of [More]
Peter Davis from Cadre explains Performance Support
Verleihung des eLearning Awards auf der didacta 2013 in der Kategorie KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT für das Siegerprojekt “Industry Learning Program”. Chefredakteur Frank Siepmann im Gespräch mit der Verantwortlichen des Siegerprojektes Susanne Hoppe, Know How! AG.
An introduction to Knowledge Management – this video is part 1 of 10 in a series on Knowledge Management at a Regenesys Master of Business Administration level. For more videos like these visit and [More]
Knowledge Centered Support ( KCS ) is a holistic knowledge management framework, with; • knowledge management processes and • knowledge management procedures • knowledge management governance • knowledge management growth phase KCS gives clear instructions [More]
Totum’s Gary Jones discusses the essential nature of knowledge management roles in today’s most progressive law firms.
במסגרת קורס ניהול ידע km אנחנו גאות להציג את הסרטון הגמור גל כהן מיכל גירשפלד עמית לבקוביץ’