Daniel Gorin – The Power of Links from a CEO’s Perspective

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As the CEO of phase-6 Daniel Gorin’s goal is to create the most effective and user-friendly vocabulary learning and language acquisition software in the world. This involves bringing together a number of disciplines traditional sciences, computing linguistics, language arts, technologies and education practices.

Daniel Uses TheBrain Technologies a visualization and knowledge management system to organize all his information. Daniel’s Brain provides a conceptual framework for everything he needs to do and the knowledge he needs to manage.

Unlike conventional search technologies or mind maps TheBrain software enables Daniel to make an unlimited number of connections and associations. TheBrain helps Daniel link everything together, as well as, specify the kind of connection each link represents with his extensive list of Link types.

By building connections his Thoughts and Link Types in his Brain have grown to what Daniel refers to as a “True Sematic network”. This is a more complete representation of his knowledge over traditional mind maps, databases or file management systems.


Matt Derrin says:

Could you, in future, mic the speakers, so the sound quality is better?

Leo Gerbilsky says:

There are brilliant ideas, but the problem is that these are likely just
first steps and additional ideas will probably be introduced?

TheBrain says:

Hi Matt. Thanks for watching. Our interview with Daniel was a spur of the
moment decision so unfortunately we did not have the best equipment
available, but we feel we did our best to make the video watchable enough
to see Daniel’s great Brain.

TheBrain says:

Thanks for watching Leo. There is no limit to the number of thoughts and/or
ideas you can create and/or connect in TheBrain. So you can start with a
few ideas and grow them over time. Link to action items, files all you to
need to execute, etc. More information on all this can be found at:

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