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Lotus Knowledge Management


macintosh311 says:

@hmfonseca download vdownloader or save2pc. godspeed.

ParadiseEarth1 says:

Universally applicable message. A Plus!

rubenalzate says:

Great video, to make people understand what knowledge administration is
about: Use everybobies knowledge to work for you, to create value added, to
raise your income! 🙂

olivebirdfly says:

It is wonderful. May I use it as my opening of a presentation in a
conference? Thank you.

jbryantatcaci says:

What an awsome introduction to KM – can I use in my training class?

Paulo Eduardo Antunes Grijó says:

Wonderful! A reflex of the knowledge society! Paulo Eduardo

Malu Mello says:

@esiboamhe I did the same and I think I will get a high score too 🙂

Giedre Vilkaite - Gursoy says:

could you advice where to find that video, please?

madhubalaroy says:

A great video on KM how can i download.. Kudos to the maker, it depicts the
essence of the KM in just 2.21 minutes…great work

xaverianMontz says:

nice vid.. more nice if u add more info for this vid,, coz, i have task in
KM. ijo” ny coming soon deh.. wkwkwkwk.. XD

esiboamhe says:

very good intro. helped me get an A+ in my knowledge management presentation

Rodolphe Grandjean says:

Great video I would also love to use this: could I download it somewhere

Vaidyanathan T.R. says:

Can I have this video downloaded for my lectures

fowler222222 says:

Cool videos

HumveeRazon says:

Whoah.. Nice.. whjatsup with this vid… hahaha… keep commin on it

Kelik Harjono says:

It really explain well the KM concept. Can I have your permission to use it
as my prologue on my KM presentation. Please, this video is like a bridge
for people who are learning KM for the first time. Thank you so much.

sillybillynana says:

@vixeypink I use it in mine. Students seem to get it. I waffle for half an
hour to get these point across!

Javier Durán says:

Excelente video!…resulta inspirador y guía para hacer gestión de

Hugo Fonseca says:

This is a great video. How can I have it in format?

Apriandi Rahim says:

wkwkwkw ini yg coment anak binus smua keknya

vixeypink says:

My lecturers are loving this vid at uni, it’s been in 3 of my classes this
semester. gets everyone excited about Knowledge Mangement. 🙂 Very

Paulo Eduardo Antunes Grijó says:

Wonderful! An reflex of the knownledge society! Paulo Eduardo

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