Explaining Knowledge Management #3 Part One

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Dr David Vaine of Apparently KM PLC explains why knowledge outsourcing is a viable alternative to knowledge management


Patrick Lambe says:

Hi Amanda – I am so glad you stopped by. Not knowing what one is talking
about is a positive advantage, I have found…

rubenalzate says:

Let me tell you something! You rock! you rule! I got an “A” at my Knowledge
Management Class just saying exactly the same words said about Knowledge
Outsourcing 🙂 Thanks a lot!

Amanda Hallay says:

You are FRIGHTFULLY posh, aren’t you! (It’s refreshing. I thought I was the
only person left who spoke like they stepped out of a 1940s Ealing Studios
film. JOLLY good show, old chap!) By the way, I have absolutely NO idea
what you’re talking about (I’m an artsy type…who, by definition of that
fact, has ‘knowledge retention’ issues), but I could listen to you talk for

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