IntelliResponse Answer Suite Overview – Online Web Self Service & Knowledge Management

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The IntelliResponse Answer Suite
When customers today want answers, there’s one place they go to first — online. Today’s customers now prefer to serve themselves online versus calling your company to speak with agents.

Today, the self-service experience has become a make or break part of generating revenue and customer loyalty, and providing customer service. Today, IntelliResponse Answer Suite takes your customers to new heights when it comes to the multi-channel self-service experience — all while minimizing costs and service effort.

The IntelliResponse “Answer Suite” is a next generation Question & Answer platform that goes far beyond the capabilities of any FAQ or site search tool. It delivers quick, effective and approved answers to customer and agent questions, and leaves them thrilled with the experience.

With the IntelliResponse Answer Suite, your company web site, mobile application, Facebook Fanpage and agent desktop can be transformed by an engaging virtual concierge, empowering customers to ask questions using normal, conversational language. The correct and complete answer is then instantly served to them in a variety of engaging ways.

It’s a low effort, engaging experience unlike anything your customers have ever seen. A customer experience this satisfying creates a positive impact in all the right areas: higher customer loyalty, increased sales, reduced customer service costs — and not to mention an ever-expanding database of up-to-the-minute customer insight, thanks to instant transparency into every customer question submitted.


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