KCS Knowledge Management Framework & ITIL Case Study: Part 4 – Section 1 (Amazing Results)

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This is an 8 year case study completed with the results of before and after implementing ITIL & KCS into an IT Service Desk in a Large Blue Chip Financial Services Company in Australia. This presentation won the Chairman’s Award for “Best Presentation” at the National ITSMF Conference in Canberra Australia in 2008. for More info please email. paul.jay.kcs.itil@gmail.com

Knowledge Centered Support ( KCS ) is a holistic knowledge management framework, with;
• knowledge management processes and
• knowledge management procedures
• knowledge management governance
• knowledge management growth phase

KCS gives clear instructions on:
• Knowledge Management Roles & Responsibilities
• Knowledge Management Databases
• Knowledge Articles
• Knowledge Documentation
• Information Management
• Knowledge Management Tools and Technology


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