Knowledge Centered Support KCS Knowledge Management Framework – Chapter 1 – Part 1

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Knowledge Centered Support ( KCS ) is a holistic knowledge management framework, with;
• knowledge management processes and
• knowledge management procedures
• knowledge management governance
• knowledge management growth phase

KCS gives clear instructions on:
• Knowledge Management Roles & Responsibilities
• Knowledge Management Databases
• Knowledge Articles
• Knowledge Documentation
• Information Management
• Knowledge Management Tools and Technology

This is Part one of the 1st chapter of an online training course that I’m creating for Knowledge Centred Support (KCS).

All Course Chapters will be finished by July 2013.

This 1st video has proved very handy to introduce people to the concepts of KCS.

The whole course will be delivered in HD, and via a SCORM compliant LMS system. The videos will be broken down into 10 min sections with embedded interactive excercises and pop quizes.

This sample video runs for 36 mins.

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