Knowledge Management

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Partial fulfillment for Knowledge Management.


willski52 says:

So slooooooow. One minute of information packing into five minutes.

George G says:

Hey great observational video on something i’ve been working on for the
past year. It could have been a little faster though haha

Rahil Houmani says:

very interesting

joshua alix says:

kasama na talaga sa buhay ng isang tao ang tamang kaalaman at opinyon sa

joshua alix says:


joshua alix says:

grbe!! gnun pla un.. the best thing in life is to learn.

psychedelicyam says:

Thank you for being interested. Although this video is minimal and crappy,
we’re still glad that we could somehow help.

joshua alix says:


jackoemer says:

huh 3:28 justified my approach on some projects

joshua alix says:

super like much ^ ^

joshua alix says:

grabe! ang galing. pagod na kong magview

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