Knowledge Management & Research Tools: Backing up Your Data

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Hardly anyone realizes how important backing up their data is, until they’ve lost something important. So, how do students typically lose their data?
– Hard drive failure…
– Laptop Stolen (sometimes along with external hard drive backup) – Francis Ford Coppola writing screenplay in Argentina…
– Fire or natural disaster – Tell sad student story…

3-2-1 Backup:
3 – copies of anything you want to keep
2 – different media types
1 – cloud backup in case of theft or natural disaster
This typically means you have an external hard drive backup along with a cloud backup solution.

– Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Skydrive.
– All have free data storage for about 5GB of files, more than enough to back up all of you school related files.
– They Keep a copy of your files on the internet & sync them across all your computers.

Short Exercise:
1. Do you have a 3-2-1 backup solution in place? Do you at least have a cloud backup of your important files? If you don’t, now would be a good time to install Google Drive, DropBox or SkyDrive.
2. Explain to a friend or family member why it’s important to backup important files.


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