Knowledge Management

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A video clip that shows how organizations manage knowledge within their company and employees


Jonathan Choy says:

#ISE5605 #ISE5604

A video clip that shows how organizations manage knowledge within their
company and employees.

Knowledge Management

Fitriana veil says:

Personality Development

ulyrose24 says:

Sarah May Lectana BSIT 1-f

jaime says:

Nice Video Sir,Owen I would like to learn how to create that kind of video
. just keep up the good work Sir. JAIME LUCINARIO JR BSIT 2-1 A

kadong1524 says:

hi sir good day im mark joseph lapinid from bsit 2-2your clip is amazing
and very inspiring thank you

pascual004 says:

this video helps us to guide us in our future as an it student and
inspiring us students to work hard for ourselves john ildefonso pascual
bsit 2-1a ..

zandrajae says:

nice..ang cute and ang galing po ng pagkakagawa ng videoo n2.. ZANDRA JAE

karinaimperial says:

..haluw Sir! nice video..thanks for sharing about your goals and experience
in life. knowledge management gives an inspiration for those who watched
this to develop their skills and to have an improvements in life..(
ma.karina abigail imperial) BSIT2-1

tayamskie says:

hi sir . . this is rolando tayamora jr of BSIM 4 -1 . your video is so
amazing . . . it relates to my future and my co-students . . . it shows
that wat can you do after graduation ,. just to keep to pursue ur talents
to achieve ur goal . . . you help a lot sir . . thanks

venice492 says:

gud day!!! sir owen…. i really enjoy watching this video. this really is
great !!!!. good job sir…… we as a students learn on how to face an
interview and how to manage our tym….thats it …tnx From: VENICE

ladyjaikz says:

…nice one…idol cah talaga sir… .i’ve learned a lot.. thanks for
inspiring us.. big thumbs up… for our very supportive… and genius
adviser… SIR OWEN… -uknowme- _AikZ_ IM 3-2

David Sangalang says:

ma’am joan c david sangalang po2 ng BSCS 2C HI!!! nc job orientation for
the cs….haha may destination ang mga cs yahoo…

Sumruay Komlayut says:

Nice video and good content, Owen is a good presenter for knowledge
management in IT professional. The other professions need to apply to their

ruemskie says:

nice sir! hehe.. it’s really inspirational for those people who striving
hard to reach up their goals… being a competent person lead to success…
continuing good performance in your job or task assign to you by the
company may acquire their trust and possibly promoted someday… hehe
thanks sir for that inspirational vid clip! more power and god bless! Ruem
Maghanay BSIM 4-2,Proud 2b URSB stud!

towtewp says:

Ang payat nung kamay nya tpos big head 😀 Pano yan? 🙂 Joseph Pingol po,

ej picones says:

Ernest Joseph Picones BSIM 4-2 The video is portraying the reality of life
that we must be hard working, patient, and determined to every opportunity
of job we encounter. We must be serious and focus to every work that we are
doing to attain higher position. Knowledge, Skill and Confident are the key
to success.

Saril Gallo says:

ganyan pla yan mam??? ngaun lang nakapagcomment! saril gallo BSCS2B

Teng Del Mundo says:

hi sir. i’m mark verher t. del mundo from it 2-2 this is video is so
inspiring its a nice video for me maybe in all student of IT,maybe i do
this someday =))..

tatadanda27 says:

richard c. tolentino of BSIT 2-1 its an expiring video.. the animation are
great..i want to learn how to make a video like this. and i want to have a
achievement like that.. thumbs up sir.

ianjulian04 says:

sir,owen a video like that is very inspiring as an IT student its it helps
my confidence and moral to apply on a job. its has a lot of information
that we need as an IT. sir i like your video it simple but
inspiring……thanks for this video! >>>>ian benson julian IM 4-2

ara clarissa Frias says:

the video is nice and cute. I’ve learn that when a person did his job well
and do his best he will bring home the bacon with extra ham.. :)))) ♥ ARA

Jean Pierre Concepcion says:

This is a fabulous clip! I am glad that i have seen this video. Thanks for
sharing this sir jeanpierreconcepcion BSIM 3-2

ocimfilm says:

Im your student sir owen im jhulian anonuevo bsim 4-2 this video make me
inspire to be a sr programmer like owen in the video just prove it

aNnALenE25 says:

Nice one! This video is very informative :DD Kapag alam mo talaga ang mga
bagay bagay about programming at willing kang matututo, maaachieve mo ang
goal na nais mo. Love it :DD nyahaha!! :DD ANNALENE AREVALO. :))
BSIT-2-irregular. :DD hi pu ma’am joanne :DD

Yaj Basalio says:

wew! galing nakakaEncourage nmn tong video na to lalo na kameng mga 4year
yahoooo OJT pa nmn kme.. pra skin lahat ng natutunan gagamitin and commit
and grab the opportunity pagmay ka2lad neto. bilis ma hired hahah..pero he
is enchancing and experiencing more during work. ok ok a have a lot of idea
on how’s managers in company pra ma hired ka.commitment at tamang kaalaman
sa specialization. ayos to sir!! tnx .. GOD BLESS..

johnalaerz says:

This video sir was so informative for me who’s taking IT course. It gives
an idea to me what i will be after i graduated. In applying a job you must
aware to all the things you said. It must be from fact.. not only from our
imagination.. thank you sir for sharing your knowledge to us also, creating
in this video.. (hope you understand my english hehehehe) johnalyn real
bsit 2-1

sharmainemaybituin says:

sir…. sharmaine maybituin po! BSIS student p ako..2-1b…. nice
performance po…. whatta kind of a good professor and programmer,… keep
it up a good work… 😉 god bless

johnRuiz02 says:

Sir this is mark john ruiz from BSIM 4-2 ..that’s great video..because he
gives a great inspiration to every student to be studied carefully to
secure or be a successfulman. So even though I will be inspired to work
hard. thank you sir..^^

26aleli says:

very inspiring na kweento… galing pa sa video editing kakaibang talent
meron.. ★★★★★ Dinco, Marco BSIM III-2 ✓✓✓✓✓

johnrudolfpascual says:

John Rudolf P. Pascual from BSIT 2-2 Job well done Sir! Bongga. It was an
inspiring clip for us, as an IT students we should have knowledge
management as we go on in the future! Thanks for that Sir! GBU

07ajhaypotzs says:

@sir owen gud day sir! i can say that this video clip is so amzing 😀 it
really inspires students like us .. who want to achieve their goal .. keep
it up .. ^^ tc …….. ^_^

espinarz says:

hi yieh sir owen!!! this is Kristine Camille Espinar of BSIS 2-1B. Whatta
video u made sir!!! so Inspiring!!! keep up the good work!!! *thumbs up*
*standing ovation* -kaycee-

comradXIV says:

mam conrad ken pitogo poh ito ng bscs2a. ang ganda ng video. pwedeng pang
turo sa amin. at inspiring ang video dahil maybe in the future, maging
senior programmer din kami sa isang kompanya……..

Jay-ar Cruz says:

ahhh sir, i can say that you are improving to your works without any
doubt…. its very difficult to us to look a job…. money is a big capital
for us…… and money is very difficult to get and earn for some employers
that doing their job well… if you are in good record, you will be
promoted after… good job ser owen… “Trade your sorrow lay to the LORD.”
From Jay-ar Cruz of BSIT 2-1

Andrew Gabriel says:

it’s very inspiring clip, i to belike him someday,,,BSIT 2-2— andrew

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