lessons learned as part of knowledge management

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Nick Milton of http://www.knoco.com discusses the need for a complete and closed lessons loop, where new knowledge is converted into action.

Blog at http://www.nickmilton.com


jejo0013 says:


jejo0013 says:


wasib Awan says:

if an organization develops a skill which can give a competitive advantage.
like you mentioned welding of aircraft . how can an organization keep it
from its competitor’s.

jejo0013 says:

I find that the main problem with LL is not in the incipient stage of
registration of knowledge but in the extraction process. An open question
for discussion!

Nick Milton says:

2 approaches. 1, try and keep the technology proprietary, through patenting
or through keeping it secret. 2, accept that you will eventually lose the
advantage, but put in place learning systems and processes so that you
always are one step ahead. By the time they have adopted our technology,
you will already have learned an even better approach HTH Nick

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