Watch this video to find out all about how to use mind maps for effective data, information, and knowledge management. Overcome information overload.
Lecture Series on Management Information System by Prof. Biswajit Mahanty, Department of Industrial Engineering & Management,IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit
Our YKL President Kim, Tae Hwan explains about the 10th World Knowledge Forum. He is really passionate guy I’ve ever met. I couldn’t even imagine the Forum without him. He actively has helped the forum [More]
Knowledge Management as a strategic partner in developing solutions to strategic challenges, such as competitive advantage, sustainability, resilience and adaptive capacity
Discusses two reasons for KM failures. The first is a poor understanding of knowledge, particularly amongst IT people. The second is a lack of agreement as to the scope of KM. For more on KM [More]
Much more than just a repository, the Enterprise Process Center houses a fully integrated Content Management System which allows users to store valuable documentation in a secure, central location, easily accessible via the web by [More]
knowledge management in times of social media, related to the original processes of Nonaka and Takeuchi, including the knowledge portal, the use of web 2.0, blog and wikis and other media as part of the [More]
Dr David Vaine of Apparently KM, PLC, gives some advice on techniques to solve the problem of knowledge sharing in organizations
Partial fulfillment for Knowledge Management.
Class Assignment — Academic Use Only
Knowledge management implementation; overview and guidance from Knoco Ltd,
כיצד לנהל את הידע שלנו בענן בצורה יעילה יותר – דגש על שיתוף ידע וייעול מידע \ תוכן Cloud computing the way it’s meant to be done – hebrew