Meteorological Support for Government Agencies and an overview of Red Flag Warnings.
HP Service Manager 9.40 overview of Knowledge Management
Citation: Lee, J.-H. & Liu, H.-W. (2007). A Collaborative Knowledge Management and Representing Different Industrial Design Stakeholders by Multi-Agents. International Journal of Electronic Business Management 5(2), 127-137. Collaboration benefits the process of complex design. However, [More]
Dr David Vaine of Apparently KM PLC explains why knowledge outsourcing is a viable alternative to knowledge management
KM in K-12 Education, by IBM’s Robert Swanwick.
Mini-clip interview for Gurteen Knowledge with Dan Remenyi. What is Knowledge Management? Shot at ECKM 2006 in Budapest in September 2006. Gurteen Knowledge Cameraman: David Gurteen
This video provides an insight to the Knowledge Management Training Course held at the Knowledge Management Academy, Vienna, in March 2013. The participants are talking about their experiences and learnings. Trainers: Michael Heiss (SIEMENS), Giulio [More]
This is a partial fulfillment for our subject in Elective:Knowledge Management. We do not own some of the resources that were used in the video. Credits to the real owners 🙂 We hope you like [More]
TEDxKC talk synopsis: Today a new medium of communication emerges every time somebody creates a new web application. Yet these developments are not without disruption and peril. Familiar long-standing institutions, organizations and traditions disappear or [More]
Project in Knowledge Management Submitted To: Prof Tanjente Submitted By Aragon, Jhenie Rose Ongjungco, Mary Joy Ann
The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) project on Knowledge Management for the Coral Triangle Initiative (KM4CTI) aims to strengthen regional policy dialogue and coordination among CT6 stakeholders. It focuses on knowledge management and communication in three [More]