A brief overview of Knowledge Management – an introductory video from Knoco ltd at http://www.knoco.com
Traditional project management theory defines successful project completion as completing a project on-time and on-budget. But first an organization needs to have a process for ensuring the selection of the right projects and then executing [More]
Chris Collison speaking at Henley Business School’s Knowledge management Forum on the subject of “Lessons Learned”. Chris explores some of the myths and realities of how organisations do (and don’t) learn, and challenges Knowledge Management [More]
http://www.sharepointvideos.kmstrategies.com Learn how knowledge management (KM) can be leveraged with content management systems like SharePoint. Learn what KM is and how Web 2.0 and beyond are critical to your business success.
Network Engineers have to manage a lot of information. Products, technologies, textbooks, study notes and research material as well as new protocols and features. Just simple tasks like keeping product manuals handy for 40 or [More]
MGMT630 Knowledge Management
Dr David Vaine of Apparently KM PLC explains why knowledge outsourcing is a viable alternative to knowledge management
Introduction to Personal Knowledge Management. For participants in the online PKM workshop offerred at http://sociallearningcentre.co.uk/personal-knowledge-management/
This video is made for educational purposes about our basic ideas in the course of Knowledge Management in our university. We give the credits to the owners of used clips, backgrounds and sounds in this [More]
This lecture looks at the very important subject of Knowledge Management. This is considered one of the fastest growing subjects in business today. The subjects covered in this video are Artifical Intelligence, Communities of practice, [More]
WorkScript is a Knowledge Management database that links process maps to policies, procedures, work instructions, reference documents, training material, and applications. It then uses these maps to generate interactive wizards for operational tasks.