PerfectLearn is a personal Knowledge Management (KM) application based on topic maps with extensive semantic web integration. In this video I demonstrate a KM approach to studying history (World War 2).
This video was produced from ideas expressed at an APM Knowledge SIG Courageous Conversation event in December 2013. A Courageous Conversation is an interactive event at which participants challenge accepted wisdom and preconceptions, stimulated by [More]
This video is a Case Study Presentation of a Knowledge Management Portal Solution developed by integrating Umbraco content management system with uWebshop ecommerce plugin, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To know more, visit our website: [More]
Document Controller uses XPERT Knowledge Management System XPERT TECHNOLOGIES – Empowering The Paperless Economy XPERT KNOWLEDGE focuses on streamlining the process of connecting those who know with those who need to know. But only [More]
SmartKMS is market leading Knowledge management software in Asia. Focuses on building corporate knowledge value chain for companies/organizations, SmartKMS has five key components termed as Create, Collect, Organize, Share and Reuse. In Create, we envision [More]
Une vidéo en français de Knoco, consultants internationaux spécialistes du KM, qui définit le Knowledge Management ou Gestion des Connaissances
In this video I overview “Where Knowledge has Been and Where it is Going,” three eras that include 1) information management, 2) experience management and 3) idea management. The video is a summary of 3 [More]
There are many opinions on knowledge sharing and management inside the organization. Come and discover how Microsoft work with customers to realize business value and what the solution looks like. _x000D_ Many customers have different [More]
Chris Collison speaking at Henley Business School’s Knowledge management Forum on the subject of “Lessons Learned”. Chris explores some of the myths and realities of how organisations do (and don’t) learn, and challenges Knowledge Management [More]
Lisa Austin, Manager, Knowledge & Information Management, and Georgette Suggs, Document Management Specialist — KM, from Williams and Bush Brothers & Company talk about unwritten rules that will make or break your KM program, how [More]
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