This 2 minute video quickly reviews how the KM Executive Knowledge Management suite can be used to track time and log task details.
the video about knowledge management system. kaskus. made by information systems-ITS collegers, Ayu Nastiti and Maya Previana S.
“Eid Wahdeh” is an Arabic word in the Syrian dialect. The exact translation is “One Hand” but also it can be translated to “All for One” where people unites together to achieve a specific goal. [More]
This show introduced the Principia podcast. It also introduces Omneity (a knowledge management system for configuration and change management) and the development support framework (a ‘free’ IT system management system). Links mentioned in the show: [More]
Kuwait Media Crisis Management Conference explored the strategies, mechanisms and arrangements that need to be adopted in the event of a crisis. Participants gained knowledge on how to employ all media tools in order to [More]
Totum’s Gary Jones discusses the essential nature of knowledge management roles in today’s most progressive law firms.
במסגרת קורס ניהול ידע km אנחנו גאות להציג את הסרטון הגמור גל כהן מיכל גירשפלד עמית לבקוביץ’
My final year project at the department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Moratuwa. This is named as Knowledge Desk Pro, a dummy knowledge management system which is used to index content. In this [More]
Rocket Program Knowledge Management
–= THE SYNOPSIS OF YOUR FAVORITE BOOK =— Where to buy this book? ISBN: 9781439837252 Book Synopsis of Knowledge Management and e-Learning by Jay Liebowitz If you want to add where to buy this book, [More]