President Thabo Mbeki speech at USB on Knowledge

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Watch the full keynote speech of the honourable Thabo Mbeki, former president of the Republic of South Africa, delivered at the opening of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) International Knowledge Management Conference on Monday, 16 January 2012.
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Yiogo Augustin says:

What a talk! Completely off topic and irrelevant! 

Tsediso Makoelle says:

Great indeed

John Mojapelo says:

Too philosophical

Denis Kgomo says:


jak zaidan says:

this speech is verry important for all of as as we are african people must
to talk to gether about our future thanks 

jak zaidan says:

yes this is the way can give as the good life in africa 

Mustafa Idriss KWENANE says:

Mr Mbeki, the former president of RSA was and is still an inspiration to
some of the people who understood what was leadership was and is about.
Yes, some sector of our society might hold a different view, however, he
was and is still the son of the soil who stood for and loves his country.
Regarding his stance on HIV/AIDS, everyone is entitled to his or her own
views. Happy birthday my President Thabo Mbeki

Ntlantsi Phandle says:

The man who stood for his country. Thabo Mbeki is leader.

Mpho Tsebe says:

form your own people, and stop iterating what the media feeds you…

Lwestana says:

You comment on incomplete knowledge, you fool. Mbeki meant AIDS compromises
the immune system. And it is this compromise of the immune system that
makes one susceptible to getting illnesses. Those include viral and
bacterial infections such as TB, meningitis, et al. then you die. He said
AIDS would not kill you if you do not get these infections or cancers.
Given that Mbeki is a smart man, his genius just happened to be beyond your
comprehension and you conclude in rubbishes such as this.

Katongo Musukuma says:

Beautiful notes Sir. We miss you. K

Keith Bungu says:

A true son of the soil indeed. SA will miss u dearly.

l0rnz0r says:

This guy denies the fact that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the
cause of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)! Disliked.

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