Simplilearn: Concepts of Knowledge Management: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW)

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Transcript for DIKW:
DIKW stands for Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom. Quantitative data from metrics are transformed into qualitative information. By combining information with experience, context, interpretation and reflection it becomes knowledge. Ultimately, knowledge can be used to make the right decisions which comes down to wisdom.
Let’s clarify it bit more.
Data is a set of discrete facts. Most organizations capture significant amounts of data every day in form of metrics.
Information comes from providing context to data. This usually requires capturing various sources of data and applying some meaning or relevance to the set of facts. For example reports on metrics.
Knowledge is composed of the experiences, ideas, insights and judgments from individuals. This usually requires the analysis of information, and is applied in such a way to facilitate decision making.
Wisdom gives the ultimate understanding of the material and having the application and contextual awareness to provide a strong common sense judgment. The use of wisdom ultimately enables an organization to direct its strategy and growth in competitive market spaces.
We can use tools and databases to capture Data, Information and Knowledge, but Wisdom cannot be captured this way, as Wisdom is a concept relating to abilities to use knowledge to make correct judgments and decisions.
In our next slide we see how SKMS allows the service provider to make wise decisions from the data collected.

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Abdol Banoureh says:

very useful. tnx for sharing

Phani Reddy says:

Wow, I am suprised to this these comments. People tried relating Wisdom
concept with religion hahahaha. DIKW model is important to any
organization. It is important for employees to understand this model in
right senses. This model implementation shows the important to make data
into information, then knowledge and later into wisdom decision. I see lot
of companies acorss the global have lot of data with them, but this is
either not accessable or not aware to employees. And again for the wisdom
decision (It is refering to taking right decision and right time) which is
good for company and stakeholder assiciated with the organization. 

DeSpace Man says:

Wisdom my ass, more like insight would be more appropriate. Very little or
very few people in the whole world achieve wisdom so ITIL can bash that up
your BS make up philosophy. Wisdom is a person or soul of a person which
sometimes can be achieved from many many years of experiences. A company
has no soul it’s main purpose is to churn out money for the share holders
it will never ever reach wisdom.

عبدالله سالم الشهري says:

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