Business Continuity Management (BCM) & Information Security Management System (ASMS) Forum 2012
One of many futures for information and knowledge management is dicussed.
Video from the iSchool’s Information Night held in November 2011 at the Faculty of Information (iSchool at Toronto), University of Toronto. Individual faculty members outline the various paths/programs students may specialize in the Master of [More]
“Eid Wahdeh” is an Arabic word in the Syrian dialect. The exact translation is “One Hand” but also it can be translated to “All for One” where people unites together to achieve a specific goal. [More]
Amaze friends and family with your uncanny knowledge of fuel consumption and other fun facts with the Multi-Information Display on the 2010 Toyota Prius. Options shown. Not all features available on all vehicles and model [More]
An overview of the Centre for Information and Knowledge Management, one of the research centres within the Department of Information Systems and Computing at Brunel.
We share this tool that we use to control and manage all the social networking information and knowledge that we received on a daily basis. In this video we demo our good friend Alex [More]
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The uses of component information system that apply in everyone’s daily life. Its is a very useful system.