Discusses two reasons for KM failures. The first is a poor understanding of knowledge, particularly amongst IT people. The second is a lack of agreement as to the scope of KM. For more on KM [More]
Documany is a document and knowledge management system based on Drupal. It allows to store all type of archives and create Web Documents. Really easy to use. New features available (online edition, messaging, forums…)
Competitive Intelligence Lecture 5
David Korn discusses his skills in knowledge management: contacts, projects, and processes
This is the 3 minute trailer for a 30 video supported the sales conversations around Alphaport’s new knowledge management services. circa: 2008
Ever since Open Atrium went public we’ve been working on integrating our knowledge management features into it. Yesterday we cleared the final hurdle. In this screencast you’ll see the following features/modules in action: -Knowledge trail [More]
www.enhancelearning.co.in Challenge: There was a need to develop a comprehensive knowledge management system which could be used by companies to manage their learning content. Solution: We developed E-Lore, a knowledge management system which provided the [More]
SmartKMS is market leading Knowledge management software in Asia. Focuses on building corporate knowledge value chain for companies/organizations, SmartKMS has five key components termed as Create, Collect, Organize, Share and Reuse. In Create, we envision [More]